Collected Objects

Data collected
Granada (Granada) - Andalucía
Item list
Item Quantity Category Container
Bags (shop, food, frozen food) 8 Plastic Packaging wastes
Caps and covers 15 Plastic Packaging wastes
Bags, packaging, stick... of candy 12 Plastic Packaging wastes
Straws, Cutlery, Glasses, Cups, Wineglass 11 Plastic Other wastes
Foo packaging 8 Plastic Packaging wastes
Ropes/ Strings 14 Plastic Other wastes
Packaging tapes (straps, flanges …) 5 Plastic Other wastes
Plastic items and pieces 0-2,5 cm 26 Plastic Other wastes
Plastic items and pieces 2,5 cm-50 cm 19 Plastic Other wastes
Plastic items and pieces > 50cm 4 Plastic Other wastes
Cigarette butts 184 Plastic Other wastes
Paper napkins, table cloths 17 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Other wooden items and pieces < 50 cm 13 Wood (machined) Other wastes
Caps and covers, can rings 102 Metal Packaging wastes
Foil 9 Metal Packaging wastes
Food metal packaging and containers, trays… 1 Metal Packaging wastes
Other metal items and pieces < 50 cm 13 Metal Other wastes
Preservatives (including wrappers) 11 Sanitary Waste Other wastes
Cotton bud sticks 2 Sanitary Waste Other wastes
Wipes 3 Sanitary Waste Other wastes
Medicine packaging and tubes 3 Medical Waste Medical wastes
Clothing and shoes (leather) 1 Others Other wastes
Other textiles 2 Others Other wastes
Glass bottles and jars 1 Glass Glass wastes
Other glass items and pieces 45 Glass Glass wastes
Construction materials 2 Others Local wastes
Other ceramic/pottery items and pieces 11 Others Other wastes
Cardboard boxes and fragments 5 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Paper bags 1 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Cardboard and paper pieces 13 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Cables 4 Electrical appliances and batteries Green point wastes
Pet feces 5 Others Biodegradable wastes
Most common item