Collected Objects

Data collected
Peralta (Navarra) - Navarra
Item list
Item Quantity Category Container
Bags (shop, food, frozen food) 30 Plastic Packaging wastes
Glass bottles and jars 53 Plastic Packaging wastes
Caps and covers 18 Plastic Packaging wastes
Bags, packaging, stick... of candy 125 Plastic Packaging wastes
Straws, Cutlery, Glasses, Cups, Wineglass 51 Plastic Other wastes
Foo packaging 31 Plastic Packaging wastes
Ropes/ Strings 18 Plastic Other wastes
Packaging tapes (straps, flanges …) 16 Plastic Other wastes
Industrial packaging, plastic sheet, bubble sheet… 16 Plastic Green point wastes
Packaging of motor oil, glue, silicone (including applicators) 21 Plastic Green point wastes
Cleaner Containers 6 Plastic Packaging wastes
Can six-packs 4 Plastic Packaging wastes
Pipes 1 Plastic Other wastes
Plastic items and pieces 0-2,5 cm 49 Plastic Other wastes
Plastic items and pieces 2,5 cm-50 cm 10 Plastic Other wastes
Cigarette butts 42 Others Other wastes
Paper napkins, table cloths 20 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Briks (milk, juices…) 24 Paper / Cardboard Packaging wastes
Cigarette packets 24 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Corks 32 Wood (machined) Other wastes
Ice-cream sticks and wooden cutlery 10 Wood (machined) Other wastes
Wooden boxes 5 Wood (machined) Green point wastes
Other wooden items and pieces < 50 cm 4 Wood (machined) Other wastes
Cans 61 Metal Packaging wastes
Caps and covers, can rings 17 Metal Packaging wastes
Foil 19 Metal Packaging wastes
Food metal packaging and containers, trays… 16 Metal Packaging wastes
Painting tins 9 Metal Green point wastes
Other metal items and pieces < 50 cm 1 Metal Other wastes
Preservatives (including wrappers) 1 Sanitary Waste Other wastes
Cotton bud sticks 5 Sanitary Waste Other wastes
Medicine packaging and tubes 3 Medical Waste Medical wastes
Others (cotton, bandaging...) 1 Medical Waste Other wastes
Rubber (balloons, balls, ribbons, valves …) 17 Others Other wastes
Clothing and shoes (leather) 4 Others Other wastes
Other textiles 4 Others Other wastes
Glass bottles and jars 11 Glass Glass wastes
Other glass items and pieces 8 Glass Glass wastes
Construction materials 3 Others Local wastes
Other ceramic/pottery items and pieces 3 Others Other wastes
Pallets 1 Wood (machined) Green point wastes
Other plastic items and pieces (pens, lighters…) 26 Plastic Other wastes
Agricultural containers (fertilizers, pesticides …) 3 Plastic Green point wastes
Cardboard boxes and fragments 37 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Paper bags 19 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Newspapers and magazines 11 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Cardboard and paper pieces 19 Paper / Cardboard Paper/Cardboard wastes
Bubble gum 31 Others Other wastes
Food wastes 7 Others Biodegradable wastes
Pet feces 30 Others Biodegradable wastes
Cosmetic containers 24 Plastic Packaging wastes
Most common item